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Hello and welcome! I am Sharon, aka Sweetnightingale. On this blog, you will find SimLit written by me including short stories, pen pal letters from my Sims to their pen friends, and my ongoing Magnum Opus, Forever in Time.

You can easily navigate to other sections of this blog whether you are reading on a PC or mobile device. Just either tap the menu bar on your device or use your mouse to click on the different choices at the top of ever page. Each section is divided into categories so you can easily find posts for what you want to read.

Just a little suggestion – before reading Forever in Time, navigate to Lenora’s Bachelorette challenge first because Lenora’s backstory is told in the Prologue Chapters. Her Bachelorette Challenge tells how she fell in love with and married her husband.

As a general warning, my stories often contain rough language, explicit love scenes, and/or sensitive issues. Beliefs and viewpoints of characters may not be the same beliefs and viewpoints the author adheres to in true life.

My stories often consist of a lot of text with pictures simply supporting the stories. I am a descriptive writer, especially when it comes to character development and emotions. for my style, it is the words that are the most important, but the pictures do help things along. I illustrate my stories using Sims 3. I own all Expansion and Stuff Packs, about 99.9% of the Sims 3 Store, and I use a lot of CC and Mods.

Things that will be arriving soon to this blog is a Credits page with CC and Pose websites I use. I like to give credit where credit is due, and we would be lacking a lot if there weren’t wonderful CC creators and pose makers out there. I’ll also be making a section that will contain lore, for my stories are very supernaturally based.

I hope you enjoy my contribution to the world of SimLit as much as I love writing it. Thank you all so much for reading and following.

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