Greetings, everyone!

It’s hard to believe it’s been such a long time since I’ve done anything with this site or any of my stories, for that matter. It’s bee a very busy year for me with a lot of personal, real life things taking up much of my time. A lot of great things happened over the past year but there’s also been quite a bit of turbulence. I won’t go into the entire ins and outs of it all but suffice it to say, much has happened to keep me away from my writing.

So, let’s get into the update, shall we? I’m sure you all would like to know what my plans for the site and my stories are.

After much debate with myself I’ve decided to transfer my story “Forever in Time”Β  from its Blogger blog to this blog. I’d been thinking of dong a transfer in the past and was on the fence about it. What pushed me to this decision was yet another decision I made. I want “Forever in Time” to be my magnum opus, at least in the world of Sims stories. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some things I want to “fix” and need to rework. There are Sims I no longer have access to which would make their lack of appearance a bit awkward in certain story moments I have planned. Because of this, family histories need to be rewritten, certain events need to be adjusted accordingly, and some continuity errors need to be fixed. I’m confident and optimistic that these changes will make the story better.

This will affect the story proper of “Forever in Time” as well as Lenora’s Bachelorette Challenge. Jonas’s Bachelor Challenge will just be transferred here, probably without muc reworking. I will make headings accordingly and pages will be made for easy navigation to chapters.

These changes will also affect a few chapters in “Another World” and “As Tears Go By.” I’ll massage what needs massaging but these won’t require as much reworking. I’ll be putting a notice up on the original “Forever in Time” blog in accordance with this post. “Another World” and “As Tears Go By” could possibly move to WordPress in the future but no final decision have been made about that yet.

You can also be on the lookout for more short stories and other projects appearing on this blog.

I want to thank all my followers and readers. I still hope I have some folks hanging in here with me, as I appreciate each and every one of you.