Hiya, Fellow Simsters,

Just thought I’d put up a small update since I haven’t written anything in what seems like an eternity. I’m sorry about that. I’ll just say that life is strange sometimes.

I’m sorry to say it’s been a little difficult finding inspiration at times when you’re in a bit of a funk. I’m desperately trying to get out of it. As far as I know, the best way to get out of a funk is just to do the activity (in this case, playing Sims and writing) related to said funk. With that said, I thought I’d go over some plans I have for this and future ideas.

Forever in Time is truly my main story and magnum opus when it comes to my SimLit. I do have other stories and am planning still others, but this story is definitely my baby. I’m hoping to hit the ground running on this and get some aterial out at a fast clip but with the utmost quality that I know how to produce. Some big events will be happening quite soon and I don’t want to lose that excitement once momentum is, once again, achieved.

Lore for Forever in Time – yeah, still working on that.

Future Projects

Like Forever in Time, my story Another World needs a little reworking. Thankfully, it’s not to the extent that this story is going through, but some massaging is called for. therefore, I’ve decided to make another WordPress blog to house that story. I’ll be working on at least the layout for this blog over the next week or so and will likely have t resize pictures, as there is only so much room for pictures on a free membership. That will take some doing, but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end. As Tears Go By and my other sort of catch-all” blog will be remaining with Blogger.

I really miss participating in the short story contests so am planning on doing more of that, too. Short story entries can and do add up, along with the pictures for them, so I’m considering making yet another WordPress just for short stories not related to my longer running stories. Stories that are companions to, for example, Forever in Time will be featured on that respective blog.

I have a couple other project in the planning stages that will not be multi-generational stories. I don’t want to spoil anything and being that they are still in the planning stages, I don’t want to reveal too much, One project is romantic in nature while another will be more of a horror/thriller if I can get the logistic worked out. I’m planning these for Sims 3 but I do want to explore the realm of SimLit in my Sims 4 game. Perhaps doing that will make me want to play Sims 4 more.

I will still be continuing to write “shorts” for Sims I create in my game. I love telling my Sims’ backstories, and sometimes a oe-shot standalone story hits the spot. There would also be room for follow-ups as life circumstances can change for our Simmies so fast.

I’ll post updates as new things happen and if need be, I’ll provide links to where you can find the new material mentioned. For now, keep your eyes peeled for more Forever in Time.