***WARNING!*** Some slight risque humor in this chapter.

Over the next several weeks, Lenora made sure the extra protection wards around their property were always active. Bodyguards were hired for Lenora and the kids, and Tyrone frequently retained his wolf form. The tracking charms on the children were always in place.

When three months went by with no further encounters, the Landgraabs started to relax a bit. Although they kept the magical security and protection up to date, the load on the bodyguards was lightened. Lenora and Tyrone didn’t want the children living in constant fear, and it was awkward at times when frequently watched. However, they were prepared to reengage full services should they be needed again.


House 1 (Medium)

Liam and Mathilda’s new house was built in record time. Everyone was excited to see it, so Mathilda and Liam had a housewarming party for their growing family.


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While the children were outside playing in the yard, Liam and Mathilda showed Lenora and Tyrone every square inch of it. It was a huge, beautiful house and one that any goddess would be comfortable in.


Mathilda, Liam, Lenora, & Tyrone 1 (Medium)

“Mathilda, it’s so…you!” Lenora proclaimed as the two couples relaxed in the opulent living room. “How do you keep from getting lost in it?”

Both Liam and Mathilda laughed. “I did get disoriented the first night we were here. It’ll take some adjusting living in such a large place, but it’s exactly what Mathilda and I wanted,” Liam said, his expression serene. “There’s plenty of room for any of ye to be sleeping over, and the work areas are separate from the living areas.”

“It’s perfect,” Mathilda smiled.

To warm the house further, Liam and Mathilda offered to let the children sleep over so Lenora and Tyrone could have some rare alone time. “Dinner and a movie would do you both a world of good,” Mathilda urged. “You’ve been under a good deal of stress, after all.”


Mathilda, Liam, & Lenora 1 (Medium)

“Well…” Lenora stared to protest.

“Well, nothing, girl,” Liam replied firmly. “Ye and Tyrone need this time, and the wee ones will be perfectly fine.”

“You’re sure?” Tyrone asked.


Mathilda 1 (Medium)

“Go on with you, now,” Mathilda said, getting up and pushing at the door.

Truth be told, Lenora and Tyrone were looking forward to a relaxing evening. Mathilda had been right about the stress they’d been under. Lenora looked worn out, and Tyrone hated seeing her this way. It was his job to make her happy and content and was determined to accomplish that tonight.

Dinner and a movie was on the roster, but Tyrone suggested they hit the amusement park first. Laughing, Lenora punched him playfully in the arm. “And just how old are we, Wolfman?”


Lenora & Tyrone 6 (Medium)

“Not too old to act like a couple of idiots sometimes,” Tyrone gave her a wink and a devilish look. “I was thinking about our time on Soulmates and wanted to take you for a roller coaster ride.”

A soft, nostalgic smile curved her lips. “Well, since ye put it that way…”


Lenora & Tyrone 3 (Medium)

Tyrone Kissing Lenora 1 (Medium)

Tyrone’s breath caught in his throat. When Lenora looked at him this way, the earth shifted. He hauled her into his arms, lowering his mouth to hers. “My goddess,” he breathed against her lips before taking them in a searing kiss.

“Keep that up and we’ll be christening Grandda and Mathlda’s foyer,” she whispered huskily after the kiss.


Mathilda, Lenora, & Tyrone 1 (Medium)

The couple jumped slightly apart when they heard a none-to-discreet cough near them “Will you two get out of here, for crying out loud!” Mathilda said in mock exasperation. If anyone was going to be doing the christening around here, it would be her and Liam.

Grinning sheepishly and blushing, Lenora mumbled, “Sorry, Mathilda.”

Tyrone had no such compunctions. He gave Mathilda a saucy wink, smirked in satisfaction, and slid an arm around Lenora’s waist. He knew how to please his wife and had no problem flaunting it.


Mathilda 3 (Medium)

Had it been anyone who didn’t know Mathilda giving her that look, she would have called them a supercilious, odious lout. But since it was Lenora and Tyrone, who she knew intimately and loved deeply, she gave a feigned long-suffering sigh, then laughed. “Now, go, but try not to get arrested for disturbing the peace,” she half teased.

Lenora was giggling helplessly as Tyrone led her outside. “I can’t believe you did that to Mathilda. Had it been anyone else, she would have cursed them with chronic jock itch indefinitely.”

Tyrone grinned and shrugged. “Mathilda loves me too much for that.. Besides, I did it partly for her benefit. She’ll go back in there and tell Grandda all about it, which will lead to their own tryst. You see, it benefits us and them.”

“You are a filthy animal,” Lenora said. Faking a dizzy spell, she groaned. “Ariadne, save me from the insanity and injustice of this world, but most of all, save me from this beast who claims to be my husband.”


Tyrone Carrying Lenora 1 (Medium)

Growling low in his throat, a sound that would chill the blood of a stranger although Tyrone was only in human form, he grabbed for Lenora. She shrieked with laughter and pretended to ward him off with her fists. Slinging her over his shoulder like a sack of flour, he carried her toward the car. “You are now in my clutches and will never escape.”


Tyrone Carrying Lenora 2 (Medium)

“Oh dear…oh dear! I am doomed,” she cried, paying along in one of their favorite games. “I fear I must admit that I am besotted with my beastly captor.”


Lenora & Tyrone on Roller Coaster 1 (Medium)

After saying goodbye to the children, Tyrone drove them to the amusement park where the roller coaster was their first stop. Lenora screamed and pretended to be frightened. Tyrone put his arm around her, giving her a squeeze.


Lenora & Tyrone in Balloon 1 (Medium)

Lenora was delighted when Tyrone suggested they take a hot air balloon ride. Her eyes grew wide when Tyrone slipped a wad of bills into the balloon operator’s hand. “Would you and your beautiful wife care for champagne as you sight see, Mr. Landgraab, sir?” the operator asked in a professional yet awestruck manner.

“Yes, please. That would be great,” Tyrone answered. Judging from the bright smile on his Lenora’s face, he knew this was the perfect touch.

Lenora sighed in contentment as they prepared for takeoff. “Mr. Romance! I could get used to this.”


Lenora & Tyrone in Balloon With Champagne 1 (Medium)

When they gained altitude, Tyrone popped open the champagne and handed her a glass. “To a perfect day and lots more to come.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Lenora said, clinking her glass with his.

After the long. leisurely session in the balloon, a laughing Lenora dragged Tyrone over to the carousel. “I haven’t ridden one of these in years. Oh, and look! The animals are carved out of real wood! Aren’t they adorable?”


Tyrone on Carousel 1 (Medium)

Tyrone chuckled, situating himself onto a zebra. “The kids will be sorry they missed this.”


Lenora on Carousel 1 (Medium)

“We’ll bring them here this weekend. I’ll suggest it to Crystal and Landon, and we can invite Carson to come along, too,” replied Lenora.


As it turned out, Lenora and Tyrone decided to forgo dinner and a movie and continued their stay at the amusement park instead. They played games, smiled at little kids having the time of their lives, and pigged out on popcorn and cotton candy. Lenora had to admit she had’t had this much fun in a long time.



Allen Clayton was feeling restless, and that was a bad thing, according to the doctors. When he felt like this, he wanted to do things to people. He wanted to hurt people, make them scream, make them cry. But most of all, he wanted Lenora. He wanted to hear her sing. He wanted her to sing only to him. He wanted to hear her music played only for him. Once he got her, he would make her write their love story. She wrote everyone else’s love story, and she would write theirs. He wanted Lenora to say his name, to look at him softly and with love for only him in her eyes.

Anger clenched his gut as he thought of Wolf Guy holding and kissing Lenora. She was his, and he would soon make it so. He would make her forget Wolf Guy. He would make her forget everything and everyone but him.

He turned on the TV to watch some dumbass cooking show but couldn’t concentrate on it. He’d recorded Lenora’s wedding when it was on TV and watched it over and over again when he felt this way. As he would watch, he’d imagine himself standing next to Lenora, the two of them saying vows together. He thought of putting that on but then reconsidered. He was too angry to watch Wolf Guy pawing all over what was his. Maybe if he watched this cooking show and tried harder to focus, it would help him feel closer to Lenora. After all, she liked to cook. As he watched, he imagined it was Lenora showing how to make the recipes this seemingly inept chef was trying to make. If Lenora were here, she could prepare gourmet meals for him, which he would eat with gusto. If she were here, it would be only for him that Lenora would do or say things to.

“It will happen, Lenora. I’m coming for you, and then we can be together. Nobody will take you from me. It will be only us two in the world, nobody else.”



He said this or a variation of these words again and again like a mantra. Finally, he turned off the TV and went to his computer. The doctors at the institution wanted him to keep a journal, hoping it would help him and them keep track of both his good and bad days. It had become routine after a while, so Allen did his best to write in it every day. When the word processing app came up, he began to painstakingly type.

My love for Lenora and desire to have her grows every day. I don’t know how much longer I can go on living without her. She is in both my sleeping and waking constantly. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.

Val visits me and stays with me when Shane has to go somewhere. He said he’d help me get Lenora and that Valerie would help, too. Shane says we have to wait for the right time or the plan won’t work. I don’t know what the plan is, but if Shane says it will work, I believe him. 

Shane says I don’t need to take the meds anymore. He says I look stoned when I’m on them and that I’ll feel better without them. I have to believe him ’cause he’s my brother.. But what about the doctors? I wonder if I’ll get in trouble or something. They don’t like it if you don’t do what they say.

I guess I won’t think about that now. It makes my head hurt, ad the voices yell at me. I know once Lenora gets here, they won’t bother me. She’ll make them go away for good because she will love me and we’ll be happy. Where is she? Why isn’t she here now?


Author’s Note: Liam and Mathilda’s house can be found on the Sims 3 Exchange and downloaded here. You will need to evict the family it comes with. I added a few things, such as the tea set, which didn’t originally come with the house. I also cleared out all the vampire coffins to make room for some skill building objects they often use.

Thanks for reading, and happy Simming!