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Cast of Characters; Who’s Who

This page will be our guide to who is who in Forever in Time. Since the cast of characters will be growing over time, a reference page containing some information about each character should be useful.

I encourage you to refer to this page frequently because it will be updated regularly. Once a character reaches Young Adult status, his/her picture and brief bio will be added to this page.


Lenora Landgraab

Lenora is the widow of Lincoln, wife of Tyrone, and mother of Landon, Aurora, Jonas, Andrea, and Chris. Lenora is the grandmother of Albus, Cody, Blake, and Gabriel. She is also the granddaughter of Liam, and pupil and honorary daughter of Mathilda.

Lenora was raised by her grandfather,, Liam, after the death of her parents when she was a baby. She is an Irishwoman who descended from a long line of druids. Her grandfather kept her magical abilities a secret from her in order to try to protect her from the forces that killed her parents. However, when Lenora was thirteen, a hereditary curse, unknowingly passed down to her from her mother during pregnancy, nearly took her life. To keep Lenora alive, he exposed his secrets and had no choice but to confess the truth to Lenora once she recovered.

Lenora married Lincoln Atherton, who was once her nemesis. They fell in love after being locked in a room together when they were in High School. Their only child was Landon, a little boy who inherited his magic from his mother.

Sadly, Lincoln and Landon were killed in a plane crash while on their way to Disneyworld for a vacation. Lenora was to join them later after a writer’s conference, but that never happened. She grieved for many, many long years, and it was only through the love and persistence of Mathilda that Lenora recovered. Eventually, she appeared on a reality TV dating show called Soulmates where she fell in love with and later married her second husband, Tyrone.

Because of Lenora’s curse and all the magic that was pumped into her for treatment, new abilities manifested. She ages at a much, much slower rate than most people. Her abilities include (just to name a few) heightened empathic sensitivity, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance and divination, and heightened musical talents. She is a romance writer but also composes music as a freelancer and helps with her local theater.

Personality: Lenora has an awesome, and sometimes wicked, sense of humor. She is a typical Irishwoman in the fact that she can drink anyone under the table and talk about it the next day without the slightest hangover symptom. She is kindness and compassion itself, and everyone who meets her seems to like her. She loves her family dearly and would give the shirt off her back to anyone who needs help. Her biggest weakness is that perhaps she cares a little too much and feels too deeply at times.

Lenora must start and see to the success of a special cosmic mission to ensure the survival of the multiverse. She is “The Chosen” and has a birthmark behind her right knee as proof that is in the shape of a sphere with a staff inside. If she succeeds in doing her part, she and her soulmate (Tyrone) will achieve immortality. Her descendants who also succeed in doing their part will, too, achieve immortality.


Tyrone Landgraab

Tyrone is the husband of Lenora, father of Aurora, Jonas, Andrea, and Chris, and the stepfather of Landon. He is the son of Amadeus and Erica, twin brother of Theresa and brother of Valerie. He is also the step-grandfather of Albus, Cody, Blake, and Gabriel.

Tyrone is an Alpha Werewolf who will protect his Pack and those he loves with his life. As a Wolf, he Imprinted on Lenora upon first meeting her and was destined to be her mate. She returned his feelings while appearing on Soulmates and were married in a televised wedding ceremony. Tyrone came from wealth; that, combined with Lenora’s own fortune, allows them to live a luxurious life with money being no object. Tyrone is a gifted musician, a devoted family man, and all-around nice guy. However, enrage the Alpha Wolf within and that may be the last thing you do.

Personality: Tyrone is a very athletic man but is also extremely gifted in fine arts. He is a skilled guitarist and an accomplished singer and pianist, thanks to his parents. He enjoys sniffing out collectibles and ingredients for Lenora to use in her Alchemy elixirs, spending time with his family, courting his wife, and going to the symphony. among other things. He is a brave guy, especially as an Alpha Wolf. But he will readily admit that he has one big fear, and that fear is something bad happening to any of his Pack/family. If anything was to bring a big, brave Alpha Wolf to tears, that would do it. Tyrone is a true romantic who shows that to Lenora every chance he gets. He’s a great guy and someone that anyone would love to have as a friend. He will be your greatest protector if he comes to care for you.


Amadeus and Erica Landgraab

They are the parents of Tyrone, Theresa, and Valerie. They are the in-laws of Lenora, step-grandparents of Landon, and grandparents of Aurora, Jonas,, Andrea, and Chris. They are the step-great-grandparents of Albus, Blake, Cody, and Gabriel.

Amadeus is the grandson of The Great Alpha himself but most of the general public does not know this. He keeps that to himself for fear that people will beat down his door to have him get The Great Alpha to grant them special favors. He was granted immortality by the deities because of his otherworldly talent in music. He is a world-renowned concert pianist, but he can sing like an angel and play other instruments with the skill of a deity. This talent was prophesied by an ancient witch before his birth, hence the name Amadeus Mozart. He and Erica instilled solid family values in their children, so he and Tyrone have similar views.

Amadeus Imprinted on Erica when he met her backstage after one of his concerts. Because she was his soulmate, she, too, was granted immortality so Amadeus wold never have to go through the unbearable pain of someday losing her.

Amadeus’s Personality: Amadeus is good (a total understatement) at what he does, and he knows it. He is a gifted performer and an equally gifted teacher. He is a hard taskmaster but says it’s for the students’ own good. He, too, is an Alpha Wolf and likes order within his Pack. He can appear a bit brusque and stuffy when first meeting him, but once one gets to know him, a nicer guy can’t be found. He is opinionated but doesn’t cram his views down people’s throats. He loves having any of his family over and is definitely one to spoil his grandkids. He also treats Landon and his family as if they were born to his.

Erica, a witch, is one of those moms that everyone wants. She loves to cook and garden, and she’s quite resourceful. She juggled her kids and their schedules like a pro when they were young, and now, she’s reaping the rewards of being a grandmother. Erica is an avid music lover and enjoys playing several instruments and singing. She is a voracious reader and is skilled in the healing arts. When the kids grew up and moved out, she went back to work as a nurse and is now the head nurse at the hospital. Because she and Amadeus have forever together, she is contemplating going to medical school to become a doctor. As a witch, she is at the top of her qualifications to treat supernatural beings but needs the “mortal” education to be a doctor for regular folks. She hopes to one day combine the two so she can become a specialist.

Erica’s Personality: Erica is a caring, compassionate woman who is always ready to lend a hand. She is known for doing random acts of kindness. In her spare time, she volunteers as an audio books reader and as a helper at the library to assist kids with their reading. She loves crafts and is always making things for her family, whether its a crocheted Afghan or knitted sweater. All of her kids’ friends call her Mom because…well…she’s just like that.


Mathilda (Blankenship) Kelly

Mathilda is the wife of Liam, mother of Alina, and mother substitute of Lenora. She is an honorary aunt to Landon and is the step-great-grandmother of Aurora, Jonas, Andrea, and Chris.

Mathilda is a very, very ancient witch who has been around since seemingly the dawning of time. She achieved her greatest goal of gaining immortality when an Alchemist and teacher gave her the secret. Because of what she is, she has lost much and has seen things that would drive most people mad. Mathilda spent many centuries as a great teacher. Her knowledge and assistance was sought after by thousands of people; some she helped while others who didn’t have pure motives were cursed. Mathilda is not a witch to be trifled with. Do so and you will not be the same.

Not only is Mathilda a witch, but she is a goddess. For many, many years, she was supervised by Ariadne, the Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic. The two became close friends once Mathilda proved herself to be goddess material. She eventually becomes Second Goddess of Witches only to Ariadne

Mathilda’s Personality: Most people consider Mathilda untouchable. She is aristocratic and austere, and most everyone is intimidated by her. Rightfully so because Mathilda is very formidable. However, she is very fair in doling out her help and discipline. She never does anything without good reason. She commands a lot of respect even if someone doesnt particularly like her. However, Mathilda has a side that most people don’t get to see. Only people like Alina, Lenora, and her family are privvy to it. That unseen side of Mathilda is very motherly and caring. Mathilda is an extremely skilled Healer and caregiver but admits that she sometimes lacks the compassion needed to do the job justice. She knows a lot about everything. After all, she’s had centuries and centuries to learn. Mathilda is often seen wearing pretty and glamorous dresses with stately jewelry. She is always put together and professional. Mathilda is a genius, and not much can get past her sharp senses and intuition.


Liam is picture here holding little Lenora

Liam Kelly

Liam is the husband of Mathilda, grandfather of Lenora, great-grandfather of Landon, Aurora, Jonas, Andrea, and Chris, and the great-great grandfather of Albus, Cody, Blake, and Gabriel.

Liam is as Irish as they come and has the thick brogue to prove it. He is a wizard who abandoned his magic while he raised Lenora, thinking he was protecting her from danger. Lenora was his world after his daughter, Maggie, and her husband, Patrick, were killed. When Lenora grew gravely ill and was dying from an inherited curse unknowingly passed down from her mother, Liam did the only thing he knew to do in order to keep Lenora alive. He called his old teacher and friend, Mathilda, in a desperate plea to save her. Liam leveled with Lenora and that was the start of a new life for them both. Liam did eventually die of complications from pneumonia in his old age when Lenora was pregnant with Landon. However, some years later, Mathilda ot permission from Ariadne to bring him back when she admitted to herself that she’d been in love with Liam for many years. He was granted immortality by Mathilda and now, they live an idyllic and busy life. He helps her with her work when need be and loves spoiling his “wee ones” (grandkids and so on).

Liam’s Personality: Liam is a very wise, kind, and likable Irishman. He has a knack for giving comfort when it’s needed and a way of knowing what to say. He enjoys nature and working with his hands. He’s a very skilled woodworker and carpenter and likes fixing things up around the house when needed. Liam loves to work in his garden and is seen laughing a lot when watching his wee ones playing. He is a family man through and through.


Gunther Beckwythe

Gunther is Mathilda’s magic mirror. He once was a living human in Medieval times but died of smallpox. He was engaged to Mathilda but died before the wedding could take place. However, before he became ill, he bedded her, which resulted in creating Alina. While Gunther lay dying, he urged Mathilda to enchant a mirror and handkerchief he’d given her so a piece of himself could forever remain with her. In mirror form, he acts as a sort of spirit guide, is very wise, and has an extraordinary degree of second sight. He often will speak cryptically to Mathilda and is sometimes even unable to give her a direct answer to what she seeks.

Gunther’s Personality: He is a benevolent spirit guide for Mathilda. Although confined to his mirror and seen only when Mathilda summons him, he is wise, omniscient, kind, and rather mysterious.


Crystal and Landon Atherton

Landon is the son of Liincoln (deceased) and Lenora, husband of Crystal, and father of Albus, Cody, Blake,and Gabriel. He is the grandson of Liam and an honorary nephew to Mathilda.

Princess Crystal is the daughter of Ella Principal, Queen of the Fae, the wife of Landon, and mother of Albus, Cody, Blake, and Gabriel.

Landon is Lenora’s son from her first marriage. As a boy, he was killed, along with his father, in a plane crash while en route to Disneyworld for a vacation. Years later, he was able to return to the physical world, thanks to Mathilda. He returned as a young man and soon after, met Crystal, the love of his life. Because of his time in the World of the Spirits, he grew exceedingly wise. He is a busy husband and father, plus, he has a successful singing career.

Landon’s Personality: Landon is wise, kind, and talented in quite a few areas. He is a gifted singer and musician and loves to attend the symphony and recitals. He is a good husband and father who dearly loves his family. He has a soft spot for his mother that went all the way back to his boyhood. It got even bigger because of how he was separated from her. He never wants to see his mother hurt and grieving like that again, so he is always looking out for her.

Crystal is a sweet little fairy who just wants to be happy. She was unlucky in love until she found Landon. Their meeting was quite by accident. After experiencing a communication from a stalker, Crystal came to see Lenora, was blinded by a car’s bright headlights as she flew, and crashed into Lenora’s window. It was Landon who took care of her and nursed her back to health. It didn’t take them long to fall in love, and now, Crystal is living the life she has always wanted. She is an excellent wife and mother and has a very lucrative singing career.

Crystal’s Personality: Crystal is sweet, generous, and loving. She is a happy little fairy who loves to sing, dance, read, garden, and cook. Landon calls her Thumbelina because she’s such a tiny thing. Crystal laughs easily, smiles a lot, and is always there to lend a wing or two.


Cian mcIntyre

Cian McIntyre

Cian (prounounced KEE-an) is the son of Goddess Ariadne, husband of Theresa, and father of twins Robin and Lauren. Because of his exceptional skill as a Healer (he is also a doctor), he was granted immortality by the deities. Theresa, being a prominent member of the Landgraab family and Cian’s soulmate, was also granted immortality. he is a skilled surgeon, a connoisseur of fine wine and coffee, and an expert in fine dining. Suffice it to say, Cian loves his luxuries but it not a snob or diva about it. He is president of the Wizard’s Council and Chief of Staff at the hospital. Cian is also a Potions Master and is sought after in treating rare diseases and high profile cases. Cian also possesses the power the manipulate and even reset time in order to set the world or universe to rights. This he is extremely cautious about using because it has the potential to cause a chain reaction of other undesirable events to occur.

Cian’s Personality: Cian is sophisticated, charming, and suave. He has a way of gaining people’s trust and is very compassionate toward his patients. He is loving toward his family and those he cares about but is sometimes at odds with his mother. He feels that there are times when she shouldn’t refrain from using her power and sometimes becomes agitated when she doesn’t allow him to use the full extent of his power in certain medical and healing cases. Regardless, he is a wise man and usually comes to understand his mother’s reasons for what she does or doesn’t do.


Theresa McIntyre

Theresa McIntyre

Theresa is the wife of Cian, daughter of Amadeus and Erica, twin sister of Tyrone and sister of Valerie, and mother of twins Robin and Lauren.

Theresa, a witch, is a music composer. She composes and arranges music for her local symphony, writes musical soundtracks for movies, TV shows, and musicals. She has also been an actress, model, and singer. At this point in her life, she is suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome since her kids are now grown and have moved out. She’s just not sure ow to fill the big, beautiful mansion she lives in. She would like to have more kids, but she and Cian aren’t in that big a hurry for that. However, she does hope to be a grandma one day soon. For now though, she gets to be an auntie to Lenora and Tyrone’s kids, and Landon and Crystal’s kids are treated no differently. Theresa is also a necromancer and medium, and she possesses the knowledge of when someone is about to die. Sometimes she is successful in preventing the death while other times, she is not. It sometimes haunts her, but she knows this is her destiny.

Theresa’s Personality: Theresa considers herself a good witch but knows that her talents lie in the realm of shadows. She says she rather enjoys having that kind of allure. She exercises regularly to keep her body in tip-top shape and enjoys playing tennis at the country club. She is a nice, happy person but is intensely focused when she’s working. She has been known to get highly annoyed when interrupted from a task she’s performing. Theresa enjoys cooking, martial arts, reading, and soaking up the sun. She also loves serving tea by poolside to guests she is entertaining.


Ariadne Dreamweaver

Ariadne is the Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic and is as timeless as time. Nobody knows for sure how she came to be although there are hundreds upon thousands of theories. It was Ariadne who created magical beings, save fairies. It is Ariadne, now with the help of Mathilda, who sees that magic doesn’t go haywire. She appears to every witch at least once and sometimes more if she is truly needed. She has a soft spot for the Landgraab family and because her dear friend Matilda is woven so tightly within their midst, she appears to them quite regularly. Ariadne has many, many powers, talents, and gifts but one she especially enjoys exercising is the ability to manipulate dreams. She supplies interpretations when needed and sends messages through dreams as she sees fit. She is the final judge of witches upon their death and decides if they go to the Elysian Fields or Hades. Naturally, she also has the power to return someone to the physical world after they have passed.

Ariadne’s Personality: She is a firm believer in not using power frivolously or recklessly. She is slow to anger and is fair and just in her actions. However, she is often very loving and compassionate to those who seek her aid. As with Mathilda, one should not trifle with Ariadne. It is said that she has the power to stop all time, but she has never confirmed or denied this.

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