Simming With Sweetnightingale

SimLit by Sweetnightingale

Forever in Time

Welcome to the main page of my ongoing Magnum Opus, Forever in Time. On this page, you will find the chapter guide and any pertinent information you might need to know about each of the heirs.

This story will be a 10-generation story that is very supernaturally based. It is called Forever in Time because each generation’s main goal is to find their purpose. If they do, (reach the top of their career and achieve their Lifetime Wish while still a Young Adult), they will achieve immortality. This will be done by giving hem Age Freeze and putting Death Flowers in their inventories.

How this all came about is that Lenora (Generation 1) was told by the Goddess Mathilda that she was put here for a special mission. This mission, if successful, will save the world from impending disaster and keep the Multiverse from spiraling out of control and destroying itself. Each heir (and anyone destined to help them) will have a special role in seeing to this mission. What is this mission? Well, it’s simple but not so easy to accomplish. Each heir must find his or her destiny and provide his or her unique contribution(s) to ensure the safety of the Multiverse itself. There will be lots of obstacles and bumps along the way, and life won’t always be kind.

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