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Lenora’s Bachelorette Challenge

Welcome to Lenora’s Bachelorette Challenge! In the Prologue section, Lenora’s backstory will be told. These are the events of her life up to her Bachelorette Challenge. Next will be the challenge. Then comes Forever in Time. Below are links to each Prologue Chapter.Prologue, Part 8, Tragedy

You can navigate to each chapter by clicking the links below.

Prologue, Part 1 Growing Up With Grandda

Prlogue, Part 2, A Locked Door is a Mighty Weapon

Prologue, Part 3, Love Comes Knocking

Prologue, Part 4, When I Had it All

Prologue, Part 5, A Time to Celebrate, a Time to Die

Prologue, Part 6, My Son, the Angel

Prologue, Part 7, A Fateful Decision

Prologue, Part 8, Tragedy

Prologue, Part 9, Aftermath

Prologue, Part 10, Picking Up the Pieces

Prologue, Part 11, Changes

Prologue, Part 12, New Beginnings

Prologue, Part 13, Landon’s Return


The Challenge

Along with the blog posts, this has been done as a Let’s Play on my Youtube Channel. For the most part, I followed these rules but changed up a few things as explained below.

*There will be 10 eligible bachelors instead of 7. Due to Master Controller and other Mods I use, I can have more than 8 Sims in a household.

*Each Sim will have the No Jealousy and Above Reproach LTR.

*Move-out time will be at Noon or as close to it as I can get it.

*Meet and Greet will last longer than one day due to having more than 7 bachelors as per the original rules.

*I will be playing hands off except to direct the Sims for their dates and to make sure their needs are met.

As you all know, my bachelorette is Lenora Atherton, who appeared in PiazzaGirl’s Bachelor Challenge Story featuring Caleb McIntyre. Lenora was not The One, but she was voted Miss Congeniality by the other contestants. Because of this and due to Lenora’s tragic story, she has been chosen to appear as the bachelorette on a brand new sow called Soulmates.

Lenora is a witch, and her traits are Genius, Good Sense of Humor, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, and Friendly. Her University Traits are Family Oriented and Bookworm.

Thank you to all the creators who submitted Sims for this challenge.

The Cast of Characters:

The Gentlemen


Adam Moore by Vuneca


Elgon Solo by Vuneca


Tyrone Landgraab by PiazzaGirl1015


Hipster Aaron Hart by PinkSparkles3475


Gentian Moore by Vuneca


Korey Bedford by MyameeGirl


Marcus Ralston by Shafer249


Torrence Ralston by Shafer249


Terrill Maldonado by Jazen


Eabrizio Scarpelli by PinkSparkles3475

And of course, our beautiful bachelorette.


Lenora Atherton


Part 1, Meeting the Gentlemen

Part 2, First Dates

Part 3, Gonna Chess You Up

Part 4, Let’s Flirt a While

Part 5, Booking Time

Part 6, It’s All in the Game of Romance

Part 7, And The Winner Is…?


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