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The Pen Pal Project: Lenora to Meadow 4


Hello, Meadow my dear friend!

It was such a joy to hear from you and to read your letter. It always brings a smile to my face hearing your lovely stories about little Jena. It brings me back to when my own wee ones were little. Och, they are adorable at that age, but ah, they can be a handful. Each one has their own personality and ways of expressing themselves.


Tyrone Teaching Aurora to Walk (Medium)

When I think back on those times, it seems like a lifetime ago. They are all grown up now and living their own lives. I am so proud of all of them but och, sometimes I do miss those sweet, innocent times. The world will always turn and go forward but sometimes the heart wants to go back and relive those moments.

As you know by now, my life is far from ordinary. In some ways, we’re like any other family, but in others, it can be quite hard ti digest for some people. It always makes me happy when someone can keep an open mind and understand that there is more to the world than what necessarily meets the eye. In some circles, supernatural beings must keep their abilities secret for fear of opening a Pandora’s box that cannot be closed. In my opinion, caution is one thing but I do not believe in keeping secrets from friends and others I care about. As much as I love the Harry Potter series, I don’t believe in the level of secrecy that universe’s magical people must live with. So, my lovely friend, as long as you are interested in this thing we call magic, I’ll absolutely be more than happy to share it with you.


Lenora Hugging Alina 1 (Medium)

I must confess, you are not the only one to ask how I kept inside me the person I was after all that I’d experienced. The other day, I was having a conversation with my sister, Alina, and we were talking about that very thing. Och, I don’t think I’ve told you about Alina. She isn’t my blood sister but she might as well be, for we are that close. She is Mathilda’s daughter and the sister I never had. Alina, herself, has a fascinating story. She is proof that time travel does exist, for she came from Medieval times to live in the present day. She is married to Tyrone’s and my nephew, Robin, and they are planning to start a family.


Robin & Alina Crying 1 (Medium)

When I was missing and presumed dead, poor Alina was so distraught that it led to her having a terrible accident that caused all kinds of problems. After everything happened, I felt horrible about my part in causing her such grief. I was concerned about her and as sisters, do, I did all I could to help her through it. As we talked and hugged, she told me she was amazed at how I was trying to help everyone else when I should have been concerned mainly about myself. I simply told her that when you love someone, you are there for them no matter what. We do for each other and that’s just the way it is.

You came to that conclusion and it is absolutely accurate; it is the love that keeps me the way I am. If I didn’t have so many people who love me and who I love, it would be an entirely different matter, I’m sure. Despite all that has happened to me, I know I am a very fortunate and blessed woman, indeed.



You are absolutely right about people being more resilient than they think. Oh, there are always exceptions, but most people fight on. My wee ones are perfect examples. It still causes me horrible pain at how much my family suffered when they thought me dead. Tyrone was a hot mess and had all he could do to see to the wee ones. Thank Ariadne (Ariadne is the Goddess of all witches with Mathilda being second only to her) we had other family to help him and the kids. When I returned, it took a good deal of time and effort to set about healing everyone’s suffering. We managed it though and to this day, our wee ones remain a solid team. I think our family ended up closer than ever, but och, I wish never to see any of them suffer like that again!



As I read your story about Jena and Mrs. Goodenugh, my mind went back once again to when my wee ones were little. It’s quite fascinating, really, when they get to that point in their development where they create imaginary worlds and friends to dwell in them. We had this wardrobe that I magicked so it would take the kids to a faraway fantasy world. For all I know and with the way they described it, I believe they actually made it to Narnia! Being the family we are, I was not one of those disbelieving parents who dismisses such stories. I listened to their adventures and stories enthusiastically and told them of my own adventures in such a world when I was their age.

It is my wee Aurora I think about most when I recollect these times. Oh, she was always such a dreamer, my Aurora, and still is. She always knew she would meet and fall in love with a fairy prince. She even told me that she frequently dreamed of her fairy prince ever since she was little but could never see his face.



That was how it was until she met her Silvan. I told you the story of how he saved her by pulling her out of her car. Well, now that they are together, she often tells me she has the same dreams but now, she can see his face. I never disbelieved her and always reminded her that there is all kinds of magic at work around us and that she is a very special person to have had those dreams.

I think the mind is a miraculous and fascinating thing. I believe it does, indeed, help us cope with the hardships and helps us to try to recover from those hard knocks life can bring us. It also acts as a defense mechanism to protect us from certain harm. I once asked Landon if he remembered the plane crash. He told me he remembered everything up to the impact; that impact was what killed him and his father. You see, Landon had a rare experience and was able to come back to the world of the living, which I am eternally thankful for. Anyway, he said he didn’t remember hitting the water. He knew they were going down and that his father believed they would die. Then, everything went black and Landon awoke in the world of the spirits.

So in answer to your question, dear friend, yes, I do believe our minds are capable of helping us overcome and deal with things that seem impossible. I am living proof of that. Always remember though that it is not only the mind at work. Our hearts and everything inside that makes each of us unique also has a part in it.



Och, I am so elated that we’ve become friends, beautiful Meadow, so there is no need to be thanking me. I feel so blessed to have you as a friend and will always be yours.

With lots of love,


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