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The Pen Pal Project

Welcome to The Pen Pal Project! This is a collaborative project started by CathyTea, who thought it would be awesome to have our Sims write to other Sims as pen pals. I thought it was a fantastic idea, so I jumped on the bandwagon and joined the project. In this section, you’ll find profiles of my Sims looking for pen pals as well as their letters to their pen pals. I’ll also include links to the blogs where their pen pal letters to my Sims are located.

If you’d like to learn more or even participate, you can go to this thread on the Sims Forums.

Pen Pal Profiles for my Characters

Lenora Landgraab’s Profile

Liam Kelly’s Profile

Mathilda Kelly’s Profile

Alina McIntyre’s Profile

Gentian Moore’s Profile

Tara McBeth’s Profile

Queen Ella Principal’s Profile

Silvan McBeth’s Profile

Terrill Maldonado’s Profile


My Characters’ Letters to their Pen Pals

Lenora’s First Letter (to Meadow)

Liam’s First Letter (to Jasper)

Lenora to Emily 1

Liam to Emily 1

Links to Other Pen Pal Project Participants

CathyTea’s Blog

RipuAncestor’s Blog

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